Bonney Lake Pest Control

Pest Control Services

  • ants
  • bed Bugs
  • bees
  • carpenter Ants
  • cockroaches
  • fabric Pest
  • feas
  • flies
  • food Pest
  • odorous House Ants
  • pavement Ants
  • rodents Rats & Mice
  • spiders
  • thatch Ants
  • springtails
  • stinging Pest
  • termites
  • wasp
  • wood Boring Beetles
  • yellowjackets

Bonney Lake, Wa Modern Pest Control Services

Locally owned and operated family business from right here in the shadow of beautiful Mount Rainier. With over 15 years experience in Pest Control we are committed to giving service with integrity that is convenient to schedule and back by a satisfaction guarantee You get the owner operator at every service.

Pest Elimination

Where we solve your current pest infestation problem

Pest Prevention

Keeping pest from coming back or invading in the first place