Bird Exclusions

Bird Exclusions

Spring brings with it a surge of life. Often times, that surge also brings with it unwanted pests. Birds nesting in our eaves, attics, chimneys, and sides of the house are one of the issues we often face here in the Pacific Northwest. Bird droppings can corrode metal and concrete as well as be unsightly. Nesting sites also are unsanitary and crawling with mites and other parasites. There can be significant damage done to structure over time as well. When in doubt, call a pest control company to determine the situation.

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Bird Exclusions Identification

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Bird Exclusions Control Methods

There are several signs of nesting birds. Birds flying repeatedly to and from a point in your eaves or roof area. Birds carrying nesting material or bugs to your roof. Large amount of droppings on the side of your house or roof area. The chirping will be non stop from hungry chicks looking for food.